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Screenshot of the landing screen for the Cornucopia game.

Play Cornucopia

Designed to complement our Flipside Science video series, this free browser-based simulation allows students to:

  • Evaluate and compare the water and land resource needs of various crops and animal food sources.
  • Identify how changing weather and climate conditions such as drought affect water availability and food production.
  • Investigate how agricultural technologies impact water use.

Grades: Targets youth in grades 5-12, but can be played by all ages
Subjects: Human Impacts, Using Models


Layers of the jungle ♫

What are the different layers in a rainforest? What plants and animals live in each?

Through the jungle layers song and accompanying poster, students will travel from the tip top of the canopy down through the understory, forest floor, soil and bedrock. Along the way, they will learn about how these layers support each other, and what kind of animals inhabit them!

Grades: K-3
Subjects: Life Science, Visual & Performing Arts

A notebook filled with sketches of roly-polys and other bugs.

At-home activity: Neighborhood Meals

With just a notebook and a pencil, students can explore the question: How do your local animals get their meals?

Watch the instructional video with Educator Dan, pick a location to safely observe wildlife at or near home, and steadily gather evidence.

Grades: 3-5 
Subjects: Adaptations, Science Notebooking

Photosynthesizing plants and algae seen from space on a map of the continents.

Witness photosynthesis from space

In this time-lapse video based on data from the NASA MODIS satellite, students can witness the influence of the sun on the seasonal abundance of plant matter produced on land and in our oceans.

Some questions for students to consider as they watch:

  • What is "carbon absorption" a measure of?
  • How do plants respond to seasonal changes in sunlight?
  • Which areas of our planet are most productive, and why?

Grades: 6-12
Subjects: Cycles of Matter and Energy

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