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Plan your science content with ease by choosing from our extensive database of supplemental resources. We have science videos and full films for streaming, along with a handful of compelling infographics and visualizations.

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Exploring Earthquakes

What are earthquakes? Get a new perspective on these powerful phenomena with our collection of videos and infographics co-produced with KQED, originally designed with middle and high school educators in mind.

You and your students will learn why earthquakes happen, how they've shaped the Bay Area, and what you can do to prepare for the next one.

In the Teacher's Guide, we've included ideas for how to structure a sequence of learning tasks, but feel free to pick and choose!

Youth gaze upon the "sepia rainbow" of human faces in the museum exhibit.

The Science of Skin Color

Uniquely personal yet universal, skin forms a living interface between organisms and their environment—and is our public face to the world.

Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity, the Academy's newest home-grown exhibit, invites guests to explore the beauty and sophistication of this organ through rarely seen scientific specimens, fascinating interactives, and thought-provoking investigations of a challenging subject that’s far from black and white.

Show your students how science and social studies are intertwined in the latter half of the exhibit. A photo installation of the “sepia rainbow” of skin tones provides a mesmerizing backdrop for the investigation of a complex topic, and a visual reminder of the inherent beauty in diversity. Through interactive maps, historical artifacts, and exquisite dioramas, see how humans have used skin color as a basis for bias for millennia—and how understanding the origins and persistence of racism can help us build a more equitable, colorful future.

Book a field trip this fall, as the exhibit is only on view through January 20, 2020!

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